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   On October 19, Beijing time, in the first round of the relegation group of the Super League, Qingdao Huanghai played against Guangzhou R&F. In the second half of the game, Ye Chugui's supplementary shot was blown offside, and neither side made any achievements. In the end, the two sides drew 0-0.


In the first stage of the game, Qingdao Huanghai won 7th in Group B. The team played relatively stable at the midfield end of Alessandrini, Zhu Jianrong and others, but the team’s defense often had loopholes, and This led to their unsatisfactory results in the first stage. In the first stage, Guangzhou R&F ranked 6th in Group A. The defense at the beginning of this season continued the state of last season, conceding one after another. In the later stage of the first stage, the team gradually found the feeling of the game after losing Zahavi. Won a lot of points, but eventually lost too many points in the first half and missed the championship team. In the second stage of the Super League, a double-round elimination system is adopted. The double-round win enters the next round. After 3 rounds and 6 games, the championship and the final ranking are determined.


   In the starting lineup, Alexandrini led the Yellow Sea lineup, while Popovich and Zhu Jianrong played. New R&F aids Zivkovic and Adrian played, and Dembele and Huang Zhenyu played. After the start of the game, the scenes on both sides were relatively flat. In the 11th minute, Adrian knocked on the middle to Dembele, and then Chen Zhechao from the left followed up and passed. Ye Chugui hit the door before the penalty area and was confiscated by Liu Zhenli. In the 12th minute, Dembele stole the ball and Liu Jiashen blocked the foul and received a yellow card. In the 18th minute, Tang Miao made a pass from the right. Neither the offensive player nor the defensive player nor Liu Zhenli could touch the ball. Ye Chugui nodded the ball and failed to touch it.

在首发阵容中,亚历山大·尼利尼(Alexandrina)领导了黄海阵容,而波波维奇(Popovich)和朱建荣(Jian Jianrong)则发挥了作用。新的富力助教齐夫科维奇和阿德里安扮演,登贝莱和黄振宇扮演。游戏开始后,双方的场景相对平坦。在第11分钟,阿德里安(Adrian)在中路撞向登贝莱(Dembel),然后左边的陈哲超跟随并通过。叶楚贵在禁区前撞门,被刘振利没收。在第12分钟,登贝莱偷走了皮球,刘家深拦住犯规,得到一张黄牌。第18分钟,唐M(右)传球。进攻球员,防守球员和刘振立都无法触球。叶初贵点点头球,没碰到。

   In the 22nd minute, Zhou Junchen pushed the ball straight on the left wing, and Alessandrini hit the goal from a small angle and was confiscated by the goalkeeper. In the 34th minute, in order to prevent the opponent from counterattack, Zhu Jianrong pulled Tang Miao into a yellow card for a tactical foul in the opponent's half. In the 35th minute, Dembele handed it to Adrian in front of him, who observed the direct long shot above the crossbar. In the 39th minute, Qingdao Huanghai got the opportunity to set the ball. Popovich passed the ball into the penalty area, and Vukovic's header flew afterwards. Zhou Junchen followed up with a volley and went wide. In the first half of the game, the two sides temporarily turned a 0-0 goalless draw.


   The two sides changed sides in the second half to fight again. In the 46th minute, Qingdao Huanghai intercepted the ball and Zhou Junchen drove the ball forward into the penalty area. After shaking continuously, he volleyed and missed the post. In the 48th minute, Huang Hai got a chance. Wang Wei took the ball from the right and passed it diagonally into the penalty area. Zhu Jianrong inserted the header and dived and missed the ball. In the 50th minute, Qingdao Huanghai continued to create murderous intentions. Yang Yu passed the ball in the penalty area, and Gao Xiang followed up with a high jump to force Tosic's header and missed the goal. In the 52nd minute, R&F's out-of-bounds ball was given to the frontcourt, and Dembele dribbled the ball from the outside to a sudden low shot. Liu Zhenli held the ball firmly.


   After the fast-paced offense and defense after the start of the second half, the two sides fell into dull again. In the 64th minute, Popovich shot directly from the outside of the ball over the crossbar. Subsequently, Qingdao Huanghai replaced, Radonic, Memeti Abdullah and Wang Hao replaced Zhu Jianrong, Wang Wei and Popovich. In the 68th minute, Dembele divided the ball to the right, Tang Miao sent a cross, and Ye Chugui's header missed the top of the penalty area. In the 70th minute, Chen Zhechao and Huang Zhengyu were injured and fell to the ground unable to insist on both being replaced. In the 75th minute, Memati Abdullah took the ball back and knocked on his teammates behind him. Wang Hao followed up and passed to the middle. Radonic header missed the goal.

下半场开始后,经过快节奏的攻防,双方再次陷入沉闷。在第64分钟,波波维奇从横梁上直接从皮球外射门。随后,青岛黄海接任,拉迪尼克,阿梅杜拉和王皓接替朱建荣,王伟和波波维奇。在第68分钟,登贝莱将球右移,唐divided送出一个传中,而叶楚桂的头球未中点球。第70分钟,陈哲超和黄正宇受伤,跌倒在地,无法坚持要求两人都被替换。在第75分钟,梅玛蒂·阿卜杜拉(Memati Abdullah)接回球,并敲打身后的队友。王浩跟进并传递到中间。 Radonic头球射门偏出。

In the 78th minute, R&F got a corner kick. The left corner kick was taken. Chen Zhizhao's goal was blocked in the melee in the penalty area. Then Ye Chugui followed up with a supplementary shot and scored, but the line referee raised the flag. The referee confirmed the goal after communicating with VAR. invalid. In the 85th minute, Gao Xiang received a yellow card for a foul, and Adrian also received a yellow card 1 minute later. After 5 minutes of stoppage time in the second half, in the 91st minute, Chen Zhizhao dribbled the ball in and made a pass. Adrian followed up with a volley and missed. In the end, the two sides drew 0-0.


   Yellow card information:




  Guangzhou R&F: 6-Adrian (86 minutes)












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