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It has been more than half a year since he returned to his position as coach. After a roller coaster journey from peak to trough, the honeymoon period between Mourinho and Tottenham has long ended, and the host and guest are in a painful "second run-in period." In order to achieve the effect of offensive and defensive balance, Mourinho tried a variety of different formation structures, Tottenham once became one of the teams with the most changes in tactics in the Premier League. However, Mourinho’s efforts did not receive the expected results. The original structural defects of Tottenham’s lineup have not been repaired, but have been enlarged to the limit during the outbreak of injuries, and the madman has lost the initiative to reform. The team's conditions are reduced to passive tinkerers.


Before entering the Champions League final, Tottenham had been on hold for two consecutive windows. The two-line journey of the 2018/19 season has exhausted the players' minds, and the team desperately needs new aid to create a catfish effect. However, just like Moussa Sissoko and Sun Xingyu back then, Ndombele, Loscelso and Sessegnon also failed to achieve plug-and-play effects. This is what Spurs did in the early part of the season. The landslide laid the groundwork. The three strikers' dividends dissipated, and the loopholes in the 4312 system became bigger and bigger. Eriksson, who was eager, failed to become the savior, and the midfield test failure eventually crushed Pochettino.

在进入冠军联赛决赛之前,热刺已经连续两个窗口处于暂停状态。 2018/19赛季的两线制比赛耗尽了球员的头脑,球队迫切需要新的帮助来创造a鱼效果。但是,就像当时的Moussa Sissoko和Sun Xingyu一样,Ndombele,Loscelso和Sessegnon也未能实现即插即用的效果。这是马刺在本赛季初期所做的。滑坡奠定了基础。三名前锋的红利消失了,4312系统中的漏洞变得越来越大。急切的埃里克森未能成为救世主,而中场测试失败最终压垮了波切蒂诺。

After learning the lessons of his predecessor, Mourinho gave up the Wingless 4312 system after taking office, greatly increased the offensive weight of the wing, tried a variety of midfield combinations, and prioritized resources to the guard and striker. He once gained Good results. In the 4231 structure, Tottenham’s mid-range players have received good support. Kane and Ali have regained their confidence through goals one after another. Sun Xingmin and Jr. Lucas also showed efficiency when they were on the sidelines. The team played multiple games in a row. The game can score three goals.

穆里尼奥吸取了前任的教训后,就职后放弃了Wingless 4312系统,大大增加了机翼的进攻权重,尝试了各种中场组合,并将资源优先分配给后卫和前锋。他曾经取得好成绩。在4231结构中,热刺的中距离球员得到了良好的支持。凯恩(Kane)和阿里(Ali)通过一个接一个的目标重新获得了信心。孙兴民和小卢卡斯在场上也表现出效率。球队连续打了多场比赛。该游戏可以得分三个目标。

Tottenham’s striker state is fierce, but the "three and a half" defenders have never been able to find a sense of defense, and the double midfielders that are responsible for balancing offense and defense have failed to give enough support to the players behind them. Many consecutive games were narrowly beaten. Ben Davis was injured and started the "left-back roulette". The loopholes in the defense zone of Davinson-Sanchez & Oriel were quickly discovered by his opponents. Mourinho realized that The risk of offensive resources, he decided to continue to strengthen the team's defense, when visiting Carlo Road Stadium, the three-centre system came into being.

托特纳姆热刺的前锋状态很激烈,但是“三分半”的防守者从来没有找到防御感,负责平衡进攻和防守的双重中场未能为他们背后的球员提供足够的支持。许多连续的比赛被击败。本·戴维斯(Ben Davis)受了伤,开始了“左后轮盘”。他的对手很快发现了达文森-桑切斯和奥利尔防守区的漏洞。穆里尼奥意识到了冒犯进攻资源的风险,他决定继续加强球队的防守,当访问卡洛路球场时,三中心制应运而生。

In the Mourinho era, Tottenham performed poorly in the strong dialogue. In addition to getting three points from Manchester City, they suffered defeats against Bayern, Manchester United and Liverpool. They were even defeated in the face of Chelsea and RB Leipzig. Double kill. Continuously showing timidity in the "six-point game", unable to maintain a high winning percentage when facing the middle and lower teams, Tottenham's loss at the end of the year was due to the collapse of the defense line. Lori’s injury caused a vacuum in the goalkeeper’s position. Aurie’s defense area will always be the focus of the opponent’s attack. The revolving left-back "audit" did not produce the best candidate, and Vertonghen’s decline led to the best central defender combination. Difficult to give birth, Mourinho's wisdom has been unable to fill the huge hole in the four-back structure.


In order to maintain the defensive density of the backcourt and not want to weaken the strength of the striker, the only way to ensure the thickness of the "two ends" is to reduce the number of midfielders. The three-back formation is an extension of this idea. Although it failed to achieve the expected results, Tottenham still gained something when visiting Carlo Road, that is, Loselso passed the "assessment".


Tottenham’s midfielders are well-reserved, but they are full of four different players, lacking a true defensive midfielder and frontcourt organizer, and a homogeneous combination of personnel is difficult to produce chemical reactions. Mourinho requires two wingers to participate in defense-in-depth. When the midfielder is unable to complete the organizational task, Tottenham’s advancement can only rely on Kane's withdrawal to get the ball, which increases the risk of injury to the England center.


Mourinho had high hopes for Ndombele at first, but he was soon lost patience with the fragile body of the Frenchman, and Loselso became his first choice in the central midfielder position. From the original Dale & Winks, to the later Moussa-Sissoko & Ndombele, and then to Winks & Loscelso, the range of changes in the style of Tottenham’s back midfielder combination is shocking. It is rare for a civilian midfielder to play midfielder in the madman's coaching career.


The strategy of stacking forwards is very risky. Tilting resources to the defensive end still cannot avoid losing goals. Mourinho found the way forward in the process of self-denial. He tried 442/ in the New Year's first game loss to Southampton. The 424 formation is to place full-backs in front of the "three and a half" defenses to strengthen the defense, relying on the overall strength to protect the two technical midfielders. From the actual combat effect, this move strengthened the defense of the wing area, but the protective effect on the front of the penalty area is not obvious. The sacrifice of the only speed player, Lucas, to strengthen the defense seems to be more than a loss.

向前堆叠的策略很有风险。将资源倾斜到防守端仍然无法避免失去目标。穆里尼奥在克己的过程中找到了前进的道路。在新年的第一场输给南安普敦的比赛中,他尝试了442 /。 424编队将在“三个半”防御工事的前面放置后卫,以加强防御,依靠整体力量来保护两名技术中场。从实际战斗效果来看,此举加强了机翼区域的防御能力,但对禁区前方的保护作用并不明显。唯一的快速球员卢卡斯为加强防守而做出的牺牲似乎是不小的损失。

When playing the 4231 system, it was difficult for Mourinho to make Ali and Eriksson play at the same time. As a front midfielder, Ali could not continue to use the ball. Eriksson was not good at getting rid of the ball as a midfielder. There is a problem, and they rely heavily on configuration. They are all players who need to use the power of their teammates to make up for their "short boards". This problem still exists in the 442 system. Tottenham cannot "support" two people at the same time in a system. This defeat is tantamount to speeding up Eriksson's departure from the team.

在玩4231系统时,穆里尼奥很难让阿里和埃里克森同时玩。作为前场中场球员,阿里无法继续使用球。埃里克森不擅长中场摆脱球。有一个问题,它们严重依赖于配置。他们都是需要利用队友的力量来弥补自己的“短板”的球员。 442系统中仍然存在此问题。热刺不能在一个系统中同时“支持”两个人。这次失败无异于加速埃里克森离开球队。

In the subsequent home game against Manchester City, Mourinho made adjustments to players in multiple positions. Sun Xingyun and new aid Belwyn served on the two wings. Ndombele & Eriksson in the midfielder position were replaced by Winks & Loscelso. Sessegnon, who performed poorly in various formations, was defeated. give up. In order to keep this 442/424 system compact, the two full-backs paid a lot of effort. The position setting far away from the goal caused Sun Xingmin's power to be greatly reduced, and Bellwyn also became an engineer. Mourinho will allow Belwyn and Lucas Jr. to switch positions frequently in some games, which is an expedient measure in the absence of a center.

在随后的对阵曼城的主场比赛中,穆里尼奥对多个位置的球员进行了调整。孙星云和新援贝尔温担任两翼。 Ndombele&Eriksson在中场位置被Winks&Loscelso取代。塞塞农(Sessegnon)在各种编队中表现不佳,被击败。放弃。为了保持442/424系统的紧凑性,两个后卫付出了很多努力。偏离目标的位置设置导致Sun Xingmin的能力大大降低,并且Bellwyn也成为了工程师。穆里尼奥将允许贝尔温和小卢卡斯在某些比赛中频繁换位置,这是在没有中锋的情况下的一项权宜之计。

After the disintegration of the Moussa-Dembele & Wanyama combination, Tottenham became more dependent on the excessive output of their forward players. Two consecutive signing windows have been on hold, Ndongbele has been unable to cash in on his worth, and Tottenham has entered a bottleneck during the offseason. With Kane injured and the combination of Aldweirelder & Vertonghen declining, Tottenham’s striker and defender are already insecure, and the midfield problems left over from the Pochettino era are naturally insoluble.


The record is not satisfactory, but Mourinho's harvest in the fire fighting journey is still great. After months of trial and error, the madman has a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Pochettino’s "legacy", and the actual combat effects of various combinations have also been tested. The new team building ideas have gradually become clear. The arrival rekindles four hopes. The potential of many veterans has been tapped. The Mesozoic Kane and Sun Xingmin have become the backbone, and the upper limit of the team is in the hands of the "newcomers", such as Los Celso, Tanganga, Belwyn and Ndombele. The future of the team.

记录并不令人满意,但是穆里尼奥在灭火之旅中的收获仍然很大。经过几个月的反复试验,这名疯子对波切蒂诺的“遗产”有了全面而深入的了解,并且还测试了各种组合的实际战斗效果。新的团队建设思路已逐渐清晰。到来重燃了四个希望。许多退伍军人的潜力得到了挖掘。中生代凯恩(Kane)和孙兴民(Sun Xingmin)已成为骨干力量,团队的上限掌握在“新来者”的手中,例如洛斯·塞尔索(Los Celso),坦甘加(Tanganga),贝尔温(Belwyn)和恩足彩竞彩500多别贝勒(Ndombele)。团队的未来。

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