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足彩竞彩500|【冷雪专栏】FIFA病毒+新冠折损战力 但国米真正恶疾更要命

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Why did Inter lose the Milan Derby? Of course, the loss of staff caused by the Covid-19 virus and the physical crisis caused by the FIFA virus have caused the Nerazzurri to lose half of its combat power. This is "difficulties" and manpower is helpless. The real bloody lesson Inter Milan has to learn is two more deadly old and difficult problems: grasp of opportunity and unstable defense.


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Inter Milan, who appeared in the Milan Derby, was a blue-black army whose combat power had been reduced by nearly half. The absence of 6 people due to the new crown, together with injuries and suspensions, resulted in Inter Milan being able to piece together 11 starts. There seem to be 11 people on the bench, but in addition to the substitute goalkeeper and the youth team making up more than half, only Sanchez who has been injured and played for 10 minutes is risky, as well as La Nokia, Eriksson and two. A new player (Pinamonti, Damian) who didn't get along with the team. So Conte only changed two people, it is indeed insufficient capital. This is a "natural disaster", and it is beyond human power.

出现在米兰德比战役中的国际米兰是一支蓝黑军队,其战斗力已降低了近一半。由于获得了新的桂冠而导致6人缺席,加上受伤和停赛,国际米兰能够拼凑11场比赛。替补席上似乎有11个人,但除了替补门将和青年队占一半以上外,只有受伤并打了10分钟的桑切斯以及La Nokia,Eriksson和2个人才有风险。 。一个新球员(Pinamonti,Damian)与球队没有相处。所以孔戴只换了两个人,确实是资金不足。这是“自然灾害”,超出了人类的能力。

Even with these 11-2 players, most of them had to fight for national team games like "Croatia vs France" and "Denmark vs England" three days ago, and they could only attack with blood. Derby games need to fight the whole game, but most of the Inter players only have a few dozen minutes of physical fitness to play at full speed, so they fall short in melee combat. 116 one-on-one matches, 68 losses; 40 headers, 25 losses...

即使有这11-2名球员,三天前他们中的大多数也不得不为国家队比足彩竞彩500赛而战,例如足彩竞彩500“克罗地亚对法国”和“丹麦对英格兰”,他们只能用鲜血进攻。德比比赛需要打满整个比赛,但是大多数国际米兰球员只有几十分钟的身体素质才能全速上场比赛,因此他们在近战中表现不佳。一对一比赛116场,败68场; 40个标题,25个损失...

Because of the Covid-19 virus, half of the backbone members of Inter Milan are exempted from the battle; because of the FIFA virus, the remaining backbone members of Inter are completely at a disadvantage in the derby battle that requires "90 minutes of bayonet".

由于Covid-19病毒,国际米兰一半的骨干成员免于战斗。由于FIFA病毒的原因,国际米兰的其余骨干成员在德比战中完全处于劣势,德比战需要“ 90分钟的刺刀”。

Even if the above two viruses do exist, it must be pointed out that


Last season, the Inter Milan Europa League reached the finals and won Suning's best chance to win the title. But in the matchup with Sevilla, Inter lost 2-3. Where did you lose? The opponents used two low-tech 45-degree angles to score two goals, and the defense was unstable. Lukaku did not make a single move on this side, and his opponents seized the opportunity to win better. The Nerazzurri realized the football axiom that "a waste of opportunity must be punished".


These two issues are also the biggest reason why Inter Milan lost the Derby in this battle. After the opening, Kolarov, Dan Brosio, Brozovic and others took turns in defensive errors, making Inter Milan almost "with a 0-2 score" to start the game. The frequency of such turnovers and the hardness of defense appear in a strong dialogue, which is no different from suicide.


The problem of opportunity grasping is also highlighted. After the German game, whether Conte or Pioli, whether it is Italian media or European mainstream media, pointed out that both sides have created absolute scoring opportunities, and Inter Milan is not less than the other in terms of golden opportunities. But the Nerazzurri did not do as good as AC Milan in terms of grasping-the header before the half-time, Ashraf's dive to the top, Lukaku's head-to-head shot from the goalkeeper in stoppage time... these opportunities were squandered It is too extravagant in a competition of this level in a derby.


These are two issues that must be resolved. The Nerazzurri are a team that "strives to raise the ceiling". How to improve? We should start with solving these two problems. If the league wants to compete for the championship and the Champions League wants to qualify, both need a more stable line of defense, and both need to better seize opportunities.

这是必须解决的两个问题。 Nerazzurri是一支“努力提高天花板”的团队。如何提高?我们应该从解决这两个问题开始。如果联赛想要争夺冠军,而冠军联赛想要晋级,那么双方都需要更稳定的防守线,并且都需要更好地抓住机会。

Two major problems are entangled, involving a choice: which problem to solve first? So far this season, Conte has chosen to solve the offensive problem first


Before the game with Lazio, Conte once said that "if you compare between 5-4 and 0-0, of course the former is better." Before the Milan Derby match, Conte also said that "a more aggressive attack is the direction Serie A should choose." Conte’s “5-4 Doctrine” is not shouting slogans, but actually implementing them.

在与拉齐奥(Lazio)比赛之前,孔戴曾说过:“如果您在5-4和0-0之间进行比较,那当然更好。”在米兰德比比赛之前,孔戴还表示:“更具侵略性的进攻是意甲应该选择的方向。”孔戴(Conte)的“ 5-4学说”不是喊口号,而是实际执行它们。

Therefore, the relatively harder defenders such as Godin and Skriniar have fallen into transfer rumors. He called for a full-back like Kolarov, and added the right wing back Dan Brosi last season. Ola returned to play the full-back on the other side, often involving the Serb and Danbu in the offense. Its purpose is to pile up more people on the attack line and improve Inter's ability to create opportunities.


But is this really a reasonable path? It should be noted that if the number of people engaged in offense is large, the price must be weakened defense. It should be noted that if the criteria for selecting a defender are to look at "passing", "plugging in", and "outflanking points" instead of "confrontation", "hand-to-hand", and "attack ability", then the problem of instability of the defense line is bound Will be exacerbated by this.


Conte's idea is very good: it is difficult to win 1-0, then win 5-4. But Inter Milan can’t ignore one fact:


and so,


No one commented, but quiet


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