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During the epidemic, let us see what is cultural diversity. If foreign governments are to be selected for magic operation, the Brazilian government calls for the resumption of work as soon as possible, which caused gang officials to declare that the blockade to fight the epidemic should be the most outrageous. South American reality version of the "godfather"?


Speaking of Brazil, it is inseparable from their military government era, and this era is inseparable from football. Starting from the third president, Medici, the Brazilian military government has actively embraced football. After Brazil won the World Cup in 1970, Medici gave a national speech to set up football players as moral models, saying that the government highly respects this. people.


Because the military government at that time forcibly promoted the development of industrialization and accelerated the modernization and progress of the country, it needed patriotic people with lofty ideals, which was to arrange for the whole country to work together, and there was a lot of people and power.


Unfortunately, the lack of a macro strategy and local manufacturing have not been protected, and the local government has joined forces with local tycoons. As a result, the military government’s vigorous industrialization failed to complete the original accumulation, and the bottom people did not receive dividends and eventually fell.


In the 1980s, Brazil ushered in the first civilian president Neves, but a few days before he took office, he died of illness, and Vice President Sarnén took over. What's up? To learn from developed countries, neoliberal economics was the most popular at the time. In short, everything was handed over to the market, and for Brazil, it was developed whatever it was powerful.


What is the strongest in Brazil? Export. As the largest country in South America, Brazil's geographical advantage is even stronger than that of Argentina. The families in control of resources continue to increase their profits through exports, causing the country to rely on foreign capital to maintain its economy. Focusing on import and export, ignoring the development of Brazil's local manufacturing industry, many skilled workers are unemployed, and people can only go to the service industry of related foreign companies.


Brazil’s service industry now accounts for a terrifying 71% of the population, which is a level that only a developed country has. Over time, the rich are struggling to make a lot of money, while the poor can barely make ends meet with their salary. The average annual income of Brazil's richest 1% of the population has reached 541,000 US dollars, the poverty standard annual income is 20,000 US dollars, and the average Brazilian income is 19,500 US dollars. The 15 richest families account for 5% of the national wealth.


When Brazil was engaged in liberalization reforms, it learned the internal struggles of the West by the way. The left-wing and right-wing parties fought for decades, causing Brazil to miss the most critical era of globalization.


The styles of the two parties are very different. The left wing serves the people and promotes a free welfare policy, plus a minimum wage guarantee. The right wing came to power only to engage in the government economy. As long as the export trade was maintained, everything else was ignored. Bolsonaro is the president who believes in neo-liberal economics and advocates reducing state intervention in the economy and reducing the fiscal proportion of public expenditure.


Brazil, which has been in this form for a long time, dare not engage in closure of the city and business closure, which means that a large number of people will have no source of income; the original plan to expand foreign exports and the policy of guaranteeing government revenue surplus was forced to stop, after all, the export of raw materials needs more. Manpower and material resources. The country's social security and pension insurance are even more costly. Production is not reopened to allow capital to flow, and the government has no surplus. The surplus data just last year seems to be gone this year.


In order to ensure government revenue, Bolsonaro had to jump out and play the "clown". After all, the financial report can keep his position if the financial report is good-looking, and the left wing is ready to take power at any time. Since the fall of the military government, the Brazilian government has repeatedly impeached the current president and successfully won the case. Bolsonaro is full of crisis.


The development of Brazilian gangs mainly stems from the management structure of the government. Brazil does not have a grassroots unit. The major states have a lot of autonomy, and the central government has been fighting internally all year round, and its external influence is weak. The central government has issued policies, and the major states will take care of it. The management of the people at the bottom is left to the local government. The local government has no time to hand it over to the big family, and the big family has no time to hand it over to the gang.


The Brazilian people’s thinking mode is very special. The anthropologist Robert Damata put forward the "Jeitinho" theory, which literally means "travel", which is used to interpret the creativity that Brazilians are very proud of. He wrote in the book "What made Brazil Brazil?": "Trail is the mediation of individuals between the law, the participants, and the circumstances under which the trail should be used. Therefore, apart from the apparent corruption of the law itself, there is nothing real. Variety."

巴西人的思维方式非常特殊。人类学家罗伯特·达玛塔(Robert Damata)提出了“ Jeitinho”理论,其字面意思是“旅行”,用于解释巴西人引以为傲的创造力。他在《使巴西成为巴西的什么因素》一书中写道:“线索是法律,参与者和使用线索之间的个人调解。因此,除了法律本身的明显腐败外,没有什么是真正的。多样性。”

The application of this kind of thinking in football has allowed Brazil to produce a large number of gorgeous and imaginative players. These people are unconstrained but can accomplish their goals in their own way, but if these people do not play football, they will think When used to the extreme, gangsters will appear.


The two largest gangs in Brazil are the Red Command and the Capital Command. They have complete organizations and propaganda methods.


The Red Command originated from the left-wing movement. It was the political struggle that Brazil’s first female president participated in. Many guerrillas were captured and locked up with criminals. When ideas met practitioners, they exploded with amazing power. In 1979, the Red Command was established. Its main business was drug trafficking. It established a reputation among the people through pyramid schemes, thereby attracting talents.

红色司令部起源于左翼运动。这是巴西第一位女总统参加的政治斗争。许多游击队被抓获并与罪犯关在一起。当想法遇到实践者时,他们就以惊人的力量爆炸了。 1979年,红色司令部成立。它的主要业务是贩毒。它通过金字塔计划在人民中建立了声誉,从而吸引了人才。

The Brazilian people’s perception of the government is very low. According to a survey published by the international research institution Ipsos in 2017, 76% of Brazilians believe that the main beneficiaries of the country’s economic development are the rich and politicians. The environment in which Brazilian gangs grow.


The capital headquarters was born by football. On August 31, 1993, in the courtyard of Taubate Prison, eight prisoners who had been transferred from other prisons due to their poor performance played a football match. Then these eight prisoners He decided to set up an organization. In this way, Brazil's infamous "Capital First Command" appeared, the organization's scope of activities mainly in the prison, 18 years of prison riots were also planned by them.

首都总部由足球诞生。 1993年8月31日,在陶巴特监狱的院子里,八名因表现不佳而从其他监狱转移过来的囚犯参加了一场足球比赛。然后,他决定将这八名囚犯成立一个组织。这样,巴西臭名昭著的“足彩竞彩500首都第一司令部”就出现了,该组织的活动范围主要集中在监狱,他们还计划了18年的监狱暴动。

Pele’s son Edinho was once targeted by the organization. The police learned through monitoring that the organization was going to "do away" Edinho in prison, which forced the police to transfer the suspected drug trafficking son of Pele to A high-level prison actually uses spy warfare to deal with gangs, and it is only passive protection.


In the process of drug trafficking, Edinho had an affair with a "Capital Command" enemy Nardinho. His father Picco was once Pele’s teammate. The gang killed Nardinho while attacking Egypt. Dinho is among them.


Brazilian gangs, in layman's terms, are a very violent grassroots management organization, but they do not have a government organization, so they have no wages. Where can they produce? Violence and drugs.


On the eve of the 2018 World Cup, CCTV reporters went deep into the Brazilian drug cartel to report on the local situation. A native Brazilian journalist had secretly reported that he was arrested and was abused to death by gangsters. The reason for the success of this interview is that the group boss believes that this propaganda can demonstrate the strength of their gang, and it is the safest to visit the gang.


When interviewing two unknown gun drug dealers, their remarks felt strange: "I don't want to hurt other people, I live the life I should live. I am a soldier of a drug cartel" and "I don't worry that the peacekeeping police are fake." Yes, when the police come, our drug trade will decrease, which is not a good thing for us. When I was a child, I wanted to become a firefighter when I grew up, because that would save people, but now I have given up the idea, every day Live the current life"


If drug trafficking is replaced by a legitimate job, one is a young man with faith and the other is a worker who compromises his life. The terrible thing about Brazilian gangs lies in their cultural values, which can have an impact on the future of the local people. The Brazilian gangs' active fight against the epidemic is actually in compliance with the local situation, and behind the seeming magic are actually acquiescent social rules.


The management of Brazilian gangs is extremely brutal, and they are best at swearing sovereignty through extremely violent anti-human behavior. These lawless people trample on the lives of others with blood and fear that the resources they control will be violated. Their anti-epidemic measures are nothing more than safeguarding their own interests. For example, they are not allowed to go out at 8 p.m. to keep the people clean. It seems that they pay more attention to protecting the people than the government, but in reality?


The government leaders hope that everyone will return to work as soon as possible. People’s life and safety are at great risk, but they will not lose their lives because of violations. For gangsters, protecting people’s lives means protecting dividends. If someone violates it, kill an animal.


The Brazilian gang management method is very modern and organized. It establishes authority through armed violence, and establishes rules after the residents are controlled to ensure economic benefits. It's an underground government, but it's more vicious. For example, you can't commit crimes without permission, small shops have to pay protection fees, and if you just need resources, you need to tax gangs. The most outrageous thing is the freedom of personal control. You can't leave the territory of the gang without reason, or you will suffer revenge.


To put it bluntly, the emergence of the epidemic will cause losses to the population of the community under the jurisdiction of the gang, and at the same time reduce the strength of the gang. In Brazil, weak gangs are either annihilated or reaped. In their own words, "What are the gangs afraid of? Another gang". In this way, the magical situation in Brazil was directed.


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