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During the National Day, the Premier League will enter the fourth round of the new season. The focus of this round will be Manchester United's home game against Tottenham. Mourinho's old and current clubs must fight for victory as soon as possible to enter the top four.


In the 2020-21 season, judging from the situation of the first three rounds, compared with the past, the situation of the standings and the scorer list are very different.


At this time in the past, teams in the "traditional top six" were usually tied together in the standings. This season, Liverpool, Everton, and Leicester City have all won three games in a row. Villa, who has won two games in a row, missed one round. Leicester City ranked first with 8 goal difference. Liverpool and Everton were the same. With 5 goal differences, Liverpool ranked second with 1 goal advantage.


Among the traditional top six, only defending champion Liverpool ranked in the top 4. Arsenal ranked fifth with 2 wins, 1 loss and 6 points. Tottenham and Chelsea are both 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss and 4 points. Tottenham ranked 8th with a goal difference and Chelsea ranked 9th. The Manchester City doubles were both 2 games, 1 win, 1 loss and 3 points. Manchester City ranked 13th in the number of goals, and Manchester United was 14th. It is worth mentioning that the two goals have a goal difference of -1.


Leicester City ranked in the top three for a long time last season. It is not surprising that this season has had such a start. A new force has emerged as Everton coached by Ancelotti. Judging from the strength of the lineup, as the season progresses, Everton will find it difficult to keep his current position, but there is definitely hope to qualify for the European war.


Liverpool are still the favorites in the championship. Another favorite, Manchester City, seems to have dropped earlier than last season, but with the return of Aguero and Jesus' injuries, as well as the scheduling of Guashuai for new players, it is very likely to be Hurry up. As for Xia Chuang's heavy money to strengthen Chelsea, Lampard still needs to find a stable lineup and tactical play as soon as possible. If Manchester United cannot reinforce the striker and central defender before the summer window closes, it will be difficult to maintain Champions League qualification. Arsenal and Tottenham, who signed in for the pursuit of cost-effectiveness, may all be better than Manchester United.


At this time in the past, most of the strikers at the top of the scorer list were strikers from the traditional top six, such as Aguero, Salah, Aubameyang, Kane and so on.


As of the third round of this season, Everton striker Lewin led the list of scorers with 5 goals, all of which were sports goals. Leicester City striker Vardy, who scored 5 goals, had 4 penalty kicks. Ranked third is Tottenham striker Sun Xingmin, with 4 goals, all of which are sports goals.


In the standings, Everton is a dark horse, and in the scorer list, Everton striker Lewin is also a dark horse. Last season, Lewin played 36 games for Everton in the Premier League, 30 of which started and scored 13 goals, which did not attract much attention.


In the first half of last season, Everton allowed Lewin to play more as a single center, and in the second half, Lewin and Richardson were more of a double forward. This season, after Ronaldo shot, Ancelotti changed the regular starting formation to 433, Lewin played center, Ronaldo and Richardson played wingers, Ronaldo played an excellent passing and assist ability, Lewin Is also fully activated. If Everton's record this season is stable, Lewin can fully compete with Salah, Aubameyang and Kane for the Premier League golden boots.


Ancelotti recently praised Lewin in an interview with "Goal Net": "His recent performance is amazing, he has almost full firepower and scored a lot of goals. I don't know if he is the best England striker, but I Don't care. For us, he is."

安切洛蒂(Ancelotti)最近在接受《目标网》(Goal Net)的采访中称赞了莱文:“他最近的表现令人赞叹,他几乎拥有完整的火力,打进了很多进球。我不知道他是否是英格兰最好的前锋,但我不知道关心。对我们来说,他是。”

Lewin was born on March 16, 1997, as a center, debuted in Sheffield United Youth Training. In the summer of 2016, Everton introduced Lewin from Sheffield United, with a transfer fee of only 1.8 million euros.

勒温(Lewin500彩票足球比分直播)于1997年3月16日出生,作为一个中心,在谢菲尔德联合青年训练中首次亮相。 2016年夏天,埃弗顿从谢菲尔德联队引进了莱文,转会费仅为180万欧元。

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