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The highly anticipated Champions League is about to reignite! Think about the last season’s Champions League final not long after the new game is coming, and fans will feel happy from the heart. Although there is no real death group in this season's UEFA Champions League group stage, judging from the results of the grouping, it is also very interesting. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo met in the UEFA Champions League group stage for the first time. Regardless of the outcome of the double arrogance, hot topics are indispensable; for example, when the Paris and Manchester United meet again, the fate is constantly cut, the reason is still chaotic, and the love, hate and hatred are in a basket. ... In addition, the defending champion Bayern's every move is also eye-catching. After all, the spell of the Champions League champion's difficulty in defending seems to be back.

备受期待的欧洲冠军联赛即将重燃!在新游戏问世不久后,考虑一下上赛季的欧洲冠军联赛决赛,球迷就会发自内心地感到高兴。尽管从本赛季的欧洲冠军联赛小组赛阶段来看,没有真正的死亡小组,但从分组结果来看,这也非常有趣。例如,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)首次在欧洲冠军联赛小组赛阶段相识。不管双重傲慢的结果如何,热点话题都是必不可少的。例如,当巴黎和曼联再次见面时,命运就不断减少,原因仍然是混乱的,爱,恨和仇恨都在篮子里。 ……此外,卫冕冠军拜仁的一举一动也引人注目。毕竟,冠军联赛冠军卫冕中的困难似乎又回来了。

In the first round of the UEFA Champions League group stage, Bayern ushered in Atletico Madrid at home. The positive PK of these two teams is the best match in this group and one of the best matches in the UEFA Champions League group stage. The highlights are self-evident.


Bayern has always been a very fierce firepower team, but for some reasons many fans have ignored this. If nothing else, just say that this season, Bayern has blasted 17 goals in 4 rounds of the Bundesliga, averaging 4.25 goals per game, who else? Although he was beaten by Huo Cun 4-1, but this can't conceal the nature of the bloody madness. In the first game of the new season, the South King beat Schalke 04 8-0, which made fans feel the horror. . It is worth mentioning that Bayern's fierce firepower is not concentrated on one player, but more flowers, the frontcourt players and even the backcourt players have contributed. In the offseason, Bayern could not keep Perisic and Coutinho with strong offensive attributes, but the few buzzer signings in the transfer window were quite strong, which effectively expanded the team's firepower. .

拜仁一直是一支非常凶猛的火力球队,但由于某些原因,许多球迷都忽略了这一点。如果没有别的话,那就说这个赛季,拜仁在德甲联赛的四轮比赛中打入17球,平均每场比赛4.25球,还有谁呢?尽管他被霍村4-1击败,但这不能掩盖血腥疯狂的本质。在新赛季的第一场比赛中,南国王击败沙尔克04 8-0,这让球迷感到恐惧。 。值得一提的是,拜仁的强大火力并非只集中在一名球员上,而是更多的鲜花,前场球员甚至后场球员做出了贡献。在休赛期,拜仁无法让佩里西奇和库蒂尼奥拥有强大的进攻能力,但是在转会窗口里很少有蜂鸣器签名,这有效地扩大了球队的火力。 。

Contrary to Bayern, Atletico Madrid under Simeone is known for its iron defense. No matter what kind of team it is facing, the Sheets Corps can come up with full defensive deterrence, and sometimes even if the strength is not good, it will not let the opponent pass easily. Last season, in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Atletico met Klopp’s Liverpool. At that time, Liverpool was the defending champion. The attacking power of the frontcourt can be said to lead the top five leagues, but it did not find anything in front of Atletico Madrid. benefit. This season, Atletico has enhanced the frontcourt attack, but it has not lost the defense at all. In the first 4 La Liga games, Atletico has only conceded 1 goal, averaging 0.25 goals per game. This kind of defense is really too Atletico Madrid.


Bayern has scored 17 goals in 4 games and has the highest offensive firepower in Europe. It can be described as the sharpest spear in the five major leagues; Atletico has lost 1 goal in 4 games, and no one has the best defensive skills. It can be described as the strongest shield in the five major leagues. Controversy, who can have the last laugh, is worth looking forward to. By the way, the two teams have played 4 times in the past, each with two wins and two losses.


Due to the unsatisfactory life in Barcelona and not being seen by the new coach, Suarez had to choose to leave, even though he was reluctant. However, he did not join Juventus, but instead fell under Simeone's account. Suarez did this not because he couldn't go to Juventus or didn't want to go to Juventus, but because he wanted to stay at Atletico Madrid to prepare for the future counter-attack. Who made someone's approach so chilling? Although Suarez is 33 years old, his personal abilities are still online. In the first game on behalf of Atletico Madrid, he shocked four of them, conquering the fans of the Sheets with goals and assists. In the new season, he played 4 games on behalf of Atletico Madrid, scoring 3 goals and 1 assist, a good performance. It is worth mentioning that his playing time is only 215 minutes.


Last season, Lewand played like a supernatural aid in scoring, scoring a goal like drinking cold water. In the new season, his scoring momentum has not diminished, but has become even stronger. In the 4 Bundesliga matches played on behalf of Bayern, Lewand scored 7 goals and assists 3 times, averaging nearly 2 goals per game, and averaging 2.5 goals per game. Such a goal efficiency is really terrifying. No one thought that the 32-year-old Lewand had come to the pinnacle of his career. In 2020, Lewand’s goals scored ranked first in the five major leagues. According to his state, it is easy to get a small steel gun this season.

上个赛季,勒万德在得分上像是一个超自然的助攻,在进球上也像喝冷水一样得分。在新赛季,他的得分势头并没有减少,但变得更加强大。在代表拜仁出战的4场德甲比赛中,勒万德进球7次,助攻3次,平均每场比赛近2个进球,平均每场比赛2.5个进球。这样的目标效率真是恐怖。没有人认为32岁的Lewand成为他职业生涯的顶峰。 2020年,勒万德的进球得分在五个大联盟中排名第一。根据他的状态,本赛季很容易得到一支小型钢炮。

The same is No. 9, and the same center. One is a top killer who has just passed the peak but is in constant state; the other is the unsolvable "World One Front" at the spire of the tower. The two confrontation, the scene is like Guan Gong battle Qin Qiong . For Suarez, he will certainly not admit defeat, after all, he is not much older than Lewand; how about Lewand? I definitely want to continue to prove myself. This scene is also worth looking forward to.


A few days ago, the "Torino Sport" announced the European Golden Boy Award list of 20 people, of which Alfonso Davis from Bayern was on the list. A Fang's shortlisting is well deserved. If you look at the honor alone, he is sure to win the award. As the main player to win the Bundesliga, German Cup, German Super Cup, Champions League, European Super Cup, such honors are really not comparable to other candidates. The only weakness is that he is just a defender and has no gorgeous scoring data. However, if the award is really awarded to Afang, then fans have nothing to complain about.


What's interesting is that there is a real European golden boy in the Atletico Madrid lineup. He is Felix. Felix was the winner of the last European Golden Boy Award. Although Felix's performance was not so eye-catching after coming to Atletico Madrid, and his value plummeted for a while, the facts proved that the healthy Felix is ​​very powerful. He is an indispensable part of Simeone's tactical system. On the court, his dribbling, organization, and shooting are pleasing to the eye. In the new season, Felix got the data of 1 goal and 1 assist. This data does not look gorgeous, but it is really very useful. One may be the European golden boy in the future, and the previous European golden boy. In addition, the two positions are just opposite. There is a great chance for a positive dialogue between each other, whether the "senior brother" waves before the waves, or the "young brother" waves behind. Pushing forward waves is really worth seeing.


In addition to these highlights, the two coaches with different styles are also worthy of the fans' expectations. The old spicy Simeone meets the calm Flick, and I will appear on the stage after you sing. The picture is refreshing when you think about it. The first Champions League group match may not determine the final qualifying situation, but no one wants to be disadvantaged and fled in the first battle. What is the result of the game, let time give us the answer.


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